Manhattan IT Group: NYC IT Consulting, Tech Support, and Managed IT Services in NYC

FreePBX/Asterisk Deployment

3 locations, over P2P T1 Link, utilizing IAX2 trunks, SIP trucks from Voicepulse. 30+ users. Polycom SoundPoint IP 450/670 phones.

PBX Server Build

Supermicro/Intel XEON, RAID1, Sangoma 8 channel FXO/FXS

FreePBX/Asterisk Deployment

Single Office + Remote Extensions, Custom built PBX, SIP trunks from Voicepulse, Built-in Fax Processing, iSymphony Call Management.

Network Setup

Dual WAN Cisco 1941 Config, Dual Uplink + Failover, Group Policy + AD, Shared printers, shared files + backup, Google Apps email migration, MS Outlook+Google App Sync config.

Cisco PBX

Cisco Unified Communications 520, Cisco 1941/1961 endpoints, Custom Directory, IVR, Call-Hunting, Analog/SIP trunks. Custom Call-Routing.

Building IT Deployment

Planning & Design + Implementation: 6 floors, Ethernet+WiFi, Server Room + Rack build, IP CCTV (VivoTek) links over PoE. Multimedia area: Epson Projector+HDMI-over-CAT6 links to multiple termination points. Cisco router+config, HP PoE Switches (ProCurve). WiFi: Cisco Aironet 1142n (x6) + Controller.

Office Upgrade / Migration

Windows Server 2008 R2, AD/DNS/File+Print Services, Offsite data-backup (EMC Mozy Pro), Uplink Upgrade (10Mbit EOC), Workstation/Software Overhaul: Win7 Pro + MS Office Pro 2010, Firewall: Cisco ASA 5505.

Office Improvements

Dual-uplink + failover configuration, Verizon T1 P2P + 100Mbit Uplink (Cogent), Workstation Upgrades: Lenovo ThinkStation + Win8 Pro, WiFi using Cisco Aironet 1141n, Remote Access for users (Logmein Pro).

Network Infrastructure Overhaul

Router Upgrade: Cisco 1900 series, Server Rack Build, Rewired for CAT6, Uplink Upgrade: 5Mbit EOC (Transbeam) + T1 failover (Verizon)

Telecommunications Installation

Video Conferencing System (Cisco), Router Config (RTP priority DSCP priority), WiFi, Gigabit Switch (HP ProCurve), CAT6 Re-wiring.

Client Network Monitoring Rework

Axence Nettools, Spiceworks + remote agents, Nagios, permanent VPN tunnels (IPSec+3DES / OpenVPN)

Office Re-location + Upgrades

New Uplink + Router Configuration (Cisco), DC Deployment (Windows Server 2008 R2), Offsite-Backup (EMC Mozy Pro), cloud file access (Dropbox Pro), Remote Desktop Access for users (Logmein Pro).

Restaurant WiFi

Small Network of 3 chained Apple Airports + Ubiquity Unify AP, OpenTable config+router config, rewiring, wifi receipt printers.

New Office Deployment

Windows Server 2008 R2 + AD/GP, RDS Deployment with RemoteApp (2008 R2), QuickBooks Enterprise over RDP (RemoteApp), Data Backup config (local+remote) + archives, NAS (Synology RS812), WiFi (Cisco Aironet), Multi-office VPN (IPSec).

Client Office Setup

Remote Cisco IP Phones 1940/1960, NAS (Netgear), WiFi (Netgear), Workstations, CAT6 Wiring.

Hotel Infrastructure Upgrades

Uplink ugprade (TWC Business), CAT6 wiring, Switch (HP ProCurve), Router (Cisco RV042) + custom routing table, WiFi+Ethernet restricted guest access, 2 Guest PCs + DeepFreeze (lockdown).

Medical EMR Software Migration

From TCMS to IMS, Database Migration (from Oracle to Sybase), Thin-Client Deployment, RDS Deployment + Remote App, Scanning-over-RDP (TSScan).

Medical Office Upgrades

Scanners (Fujitsu), Fax Server, Digital Signature Pads, shared multi-office printers, Legacy Software automation+upgrade, P2P T1 Uplinks between 4 locations, Custom PBX + IVR + Call Routing, Verizon SIP Trunks over dedicated T1, Cisco Router QoS, WiFi (4 locations), Multi-office VPN (IPSec hub+spoke config), IP CCTV

Website Build

Wordpress + custom designed theme, deployed on MediaTemple, custom CMS sections + shortcodes.

Financial Firm SEC Compliance

Complete IT Audit, Software License Audit, Password Policy, Long-term Penetration Testing, Anti-Virus, File Sharing Access Audit, File Server Content Audit, Data-protection Audit.

Email Migration

From in-house Exchange to Office 365. User account creation + message transfer. Client Configuration (Outlook). Active Directory integration.

Email Migration

From in-house Exchange to Google Apps. User Client Setup (Outlook), Mailbox migrations. Account Delegation. Email/Calendar Sharing, Archival (Google Vault). Mobile Client Access (iPhone, Android, Blackberry).

Gym Network Deployment

Server (Windows 1008 R2), AD Config, Backup: local+offsite (MozyPro), Router (Cisco 1921), Multiple Uplinks (TWC + Verizon DSL failover), Seamless multi-floor WiFi (Cisco Aironet), Front-desk workstations (WiFi), CAT6 wiring.

Data Archival (custom PowerShell)

Powershell scripts to filter unused+aged content, relink to new location.

Internet Content Filtering

Squid Proxy, Timed-access, IP/website restrictions, URL keyword-restrictions, logging & stats, proxy pushed through AD/GP, Cisco NBAR Traffic Classification config + blocking & rate-limiting+traffic shaping.

High Availablilty Server Deployment

Software Database Replication (Lacerte), Automatic fail-over between 2 identical servers (Win 2003), High-Resilience hardware config: RAID5, Dual-CPU Xeon, Dual PSU, High Capacity UPS (APC).